Widespread Mistakes When Contouring

The allure of well-defined cheekbones and a chiseled jawline has captivated numerous makeup enthusiasts, prompting them to explore the realm of contouring. Yet, akin to any skill, achieving mastery in the art of contouring demands finesse and a discerning awareness of common mistakes to avoid. What should you avoid when contouring? Choosing the Wrong Contour…

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What Tools Do You Need For Eyebrows?

Beyond mere arches of hair, eyebrows frame the face and can highlight one’s natural beauty. Achieving perfectly groomed eyebrows, however, is an art that requires the right set of tools and techniques. What are the most needed tools to maintain my eyebrows? Eyebrow Pencils Here we speak about fundamental tools for achieving defined and filled-in…

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Caring About Your Makeup Tools

Brushes and sponges, like magic wands, play a big part in making our makeup look great. But sometimes, in our quest for perfect looks, we forget to take good care of these helpful tools. Why should you care about makeup tools? Taking care of your makeup tools is essential for a few key reasons. Firstly,…

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How Long Does Lip Tint Last?

The longevity of lip tint varies based on several factors, including the type of formulation, application technique, and individual habits. On average, lip tints can last anywhere from 4 to 12 hours, depending on these variables. Water-based tints typically offer a lighter, more natural look but may require daily reapplication. Gel-based and peel-off tints tend…

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